The List of Great Tennis Scholarships in the US in 2023

Only the children of the rich can study abroad, and scholarships for education are given exclusively to modern Einsteins – this is the main myth that we want to dispel! You will be surprised, but in the USA, both at school and at the university, an athlete of any level can play tennis – both a future professional athlete and one for whom tennis is just a hobby.

The system of any sport in the United States, and tennis in particular, is built in such a way that sports are included in the system of school and university sports, i.e., in fact, in America, there are no “sports schools” where the general education school and the sports school are third-party organizations and big sport is incompatible with the study.

In America, there are sports scholarship programs that help athletes reduce their training costs. To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants often have to go through a rigorous selection process where they must submit proof of their academic record and write a personal statement. If you don’t know how to handle the latter, you’d be better off using an essay helper. It will give you a clear understanding of how to convince the commission to give you a scholarship.

The list of great tennis scholarships in the US in 2023

  1. NCAA Scholarships. The association awards approximately $1 billion in athletic scholarships each year to more than 125,000 student-athletes.
  2. NJCAA Scholarships. The association also provides scholarships to talented athletes.
  3. NAIA Scholarships. Students can get this scholarship if they have good academic performance.
  4. College-Based Scholarships. Be sure to do your research and contact your financial aid and athletic departments to find out information about local and college awards you may get.
  5. State Tennis Foundations.
    1. Augustana University Athletic Grant. The nationally recognized university, Augustana, is a perfect place for students who aspire to solve the problems of tomorrow.
    2. CCU Athletics Scholarship. Recipients must have satisfactory academic performance unless otherwise directed by the Athletics Department.
    3. Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program. The program rewards student-athletes who show exceptional academic performance and strong leadership in sports in their schools.
    4. Kylie Murray Memorial Flight Training Scholarship. This dedicated flight training scholarship is provided through the EAA network and was founded in the name of Kylie Murray to honor her legacy.
    5. Niagara University Athletic Scholarship. Niagara University offers students a prestigious, world-class educational experience that provides a very high return on investment.
    6. SJCF Stockton Student Athletes Scholarship Fund. The fund offers a scholarship of $6000 for students.
    7. USTA Foundation Scholarships. The USTA Foundation provides high school students with scholarships if they participate in youth tennis programs, show significant financial need, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Schools and tennis academies in the USA

In the US and Canada, tennis is widely represented not only at the university level but also at the school level. Young tennis players can study at schools with a specialized (i.e., high-quality) tennis program.

Schools with a high level of tennis often position themselves as “tennis academies” – this means that in this educational institution, there is a more serious tennis program than in classical schools.

Benefits of studying at a school/tennis academy in the USA

Biggest chances to get into a prestigious university

Coaches from top American universities (such as Stanford, UCLA, Yale, and Princeton) start screening potential athletes 2-3 years before they enter the university. If you want to enter a cool university and start doing this process in the year you graduate from your school, then all the places for tennis players in top universities will already be filled.

Also, not all coaches are ready to take on a foreign tennis player without being able to watch their performances live for a certain period of time.

Any university coach will, first of all, give preference to a player who is already in the United States and has completed at least 1-2 years of the school stage. Thus, the coach will be able to observe the performance of the player live, get to know them better, and also be sure that the athlete is adapted to the mentality, training, and life in the United States.

Passing the school/tennis academy stage in the USA will give you a huge advantage in getting into a more prestigious university with better conditions.

Variety of tournaments, climate, developed infrastructure

The United States has a huge number of internationally recognized tennis tournaments for players of all ages and levels. There is no such number and variety of tournaments in any other country in the world.

Most of the strong tennis schools and academies are located in Florida or California; these are locations with a year-round comfortable and warm climate that is ideal for tennis. It’s no secret that big competitions are mainly held in hot regions and on open courts.

The infrastructure of tennis schools and academies in the United States is the most developed in the world, where athletes are provided with everything for their sports development. There are no such conditions for sports development and progress anywhere in the world.

It is cheaper to play tennis in the USA than in your home country

It often turns out that, taking into account discounts/scholarships for training, the cost of a family for training a child-tennis player in the United States (taking into account the cost of food, accommodation, and education in a private school) is less than the family spends on a child in their home country.

Surprisingly, by comparing the costs in the US and at home, taking into account the proposed scholarships, it turns out to be more profitable to send a child to study in the US.

Tennis in the US is considered an “elite” sport.

Tennis is often represented either in educational institutions of a high, “elite” level or in specialized tennis academies. Accordingly, a limited number of schools in the United States have a professional tennis program, respectively, these institutions are more expensive and have a strict selection of potential students.

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